Cell Viability Incorporated Single Reagent Pack with 200 sample cups
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Quad Reagent Pack with 800 Sample Cups
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The Cell Viability Incorporated (CVI) Cell Viability Reagent Kit is an equivalent reagent pack for the Vi-CELL automated cell viability analyzer. Reagents are packaged in equivalent configurations.

Copyright 2013 Cell Viability Inc. All rights reserved. V-Cell is a registered trademark of Beckman Coulter Incorporated.

The Cell Viability Inc. Cell Viability Reagent Kit is designed for use with Vi-Cell Analyzers. These reagent packs have proven to be of equivalent quality and performance at a significant savings in price.

The Cell Viability Single Reagent Kit part number is 2400102

The Cell Viability Quad Reagent Kit part number is 2400101

Part Numbers and Equivalents

Cell Viability Single Reagent Pack - p/n 2400102 includes 200 sample cups, Equivalent to Beckman Coulter p/n 383260 with only 120 sample cups.

Cell Viability Quad Reagent Pack - a Quantity of 4 of p/n 2400102. Equivalent to Beckman Coulter p/n 383722 and 383198

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